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There are two types of fat dissolving injection treatments, Desobody and Desoface.

Both types of treatments are Lipolytic Injections (as they are known medically) and destroy fat cells by damaging the fat cell membrane and liquifying the fat in the treatment area. The destroyed fat cells are then broken down and removed naturally through the body’s lymphatic system.


£250 per vial

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This treatment is used to target areas of the body where stubborn fat may reside. These areas may include abdomen, flanks, back, underarms, inner knees, upper and lower arms, bra fat and inner thighs.


£250 per vial

This treatment is used to target areas of the face where stubborn fat may reside. These may include double chins, jowls and neck fat.

AQUALYX also available on request

Typical Vials required per treatment

Love Handles2
Bra Fat1-2
Inner Thighs2-4
Outer Thighs2
Inner Knee1-2
Upper Arms2

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend a course of at least 3 – 4 Deso treatment sessions with 6 week intervals. This is dependent on the treatment area and the amount of fat to treat.

DESO BODY and DESO FACE are the next generation of injectable Deoxycholic Acid ‘fat dissolvers’ in the UK.

Deoxycholic acid normally emulsifies and solubilises dietary fats in the intestine, and when injected subcutaneously, it disrupts and destroys fat cells in that tissue making it the perfect agent to remove stubborn pockets of fat. Like most non-surgical fat reducing procedures, intralipotherapy using DESO FACE and BODY is not intended for the obese body but does target the fat at cell level making it one of the most successful formulas for targeting specific areas.

DESO Body/Face are state-of-the-art fat dissolving injectable products designed to treat those difficult localised pockets of fat. Areas that can be treated include a ‘double’ chin, the arms, abdomen, flanks, buttocks, inner knees, thighs and back or bra ‘rolls’. Depending on the area treated and the amount of fat involved, several sessions may be required to achieve the desired result.

Redness in the affected area is common. You may experience bruising and/or swelling. Mild discomfort is common but some may have more prolonged pain. This can be managed and we provide guidance and support throughout your treatment journey. Occasionally, ‘nodules’ may form, but are transient and require no treatment. Should they persist, they may require more focused DESO injection.

The procedure is usually very well tolerated with a small amount of disocomfort. Injecting DESO in the wrong ‘plane’ can trigger sharp pain (e.g. incorrect placement near the skin or muscle). Injection entry points are kept to a minimum for comfort.

Treatment AreaNumber of sessionsSession intervals
Arms2-4 sessions4 weeks
Back roll2-4 sessions4 weeks
Buttocks/side of thigh3-5 sessions6-7 weeks
Double chin2-4 sessions4 weeks
Flanks2-4 sessions6-7 weeks
Inner knee2-4 sessions7-8 weeks
Inner thighs4-7 sessions4-5 weeks
Abdomen3-5 sessions6 weeks
Following DESO fat dissolving injections we would advise that you:
  • Avoid Aspirin for pain to reduce the risk of bruising or bleeding. Paracetamol is acceptable. Intermittent cooling with ice can be used by applying for 5 minutes post-procedure. A simple fan can also be helpful for discomfort.
  • Bruising may occur. Avoid direct sunlight, sunbeds and heat therapies during the treatment period.
  • Avoid hot baths and showers (tepid water only) for 5 days.
  • Nodules are not uncommon. They can last up to a month and usually disappear without any intervention. However, your Practitioner would need to assess anything unusual.
  • A compression garment may be worn for 2-5 days following treatment (this will be guided by your Practitioner’s recommendation).
  • Contact your Aesthetic Practitioner with any concerns without delay.


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