Bespoke Facials

Skintec bespoke facials

Whatever your skin concern we have a solution to help fix it, the bespoke treatments are devised to target every individuals skin needs.

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This treatment includes a Dermaplaning facial, combined with the SKN Rehab signature facial

The treatment starts with a Dermaplaning facial to exfoliate the skin and remove peach fuzz, to leave your skin silky smooth. This is followed by a SKN Rehab Signature Facial, which uses an Enzyme Peel to remove dead skin cells, an ION detox to deep cleanse the skin using microcurrents with AHA gel and an ION Infusion using microcurrents to infuse the skin with SKN Boost (a cocktail of multi vitamins for the skin). Next, your skin will benefit from the application of a nourishing Stem Cell Mask followed by Oxygen Therapy to plump skin cells and green LED Light Therapy known for its brightening benefits. You will leave glowing!



The ‘Red Carpet Glow’ facial is designed to give you instant radiance. The treatment commences with Dermaplaning to exfoliate the skin and remove peach fuzz, followed by the application of an Enzyme Peel to remove any remaining dead skin cells. A Brightening Mask is then applied to the skin and the treatment concludes with a relaxing LED Light Treatment, leaving you ‘red carpet’ ready.



This treatment includes an Enzyme Peel, Steam and Extraction, SKN Rehab ION Detox, blue LED light Therapy and Oxygen therapy.

A light Enzyme Peel is used to remove dead skin cells, before the skin enjoys a deep cleanse and extraction. The SKN rehab ION Detox is a deep cleansing detox, which uses a microcurrent to reach the lower epidermal layers with AHA gel. The treatment finishes with blue LED Light Therapy and Oxygen Therapy, known for their antibacterial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our bespoke treatments are treatments devised to help improve specific skin concerns, each treatment is adapted to the individual skin type for maximum results.

Our bespoke treatments cover a range of benefits depending on your skin concern these include;

  • Dry dehydrated skin
  • Congested skin
  • Dull lifeless skin

There is no downtime for the bespoke treatments, normal activities can resume after treatment.

No – all the bespoke treatments are fairly relaxing.

We suggest a bespoke treatment every 4 weeks to nourish skin cells during their 28 day skin cycle.

  • Stop Retin-A products for 5 days before your appointment  
  • Avoid laser treatments for 4 weeks before 
  • Avoid having any sort of chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment within 2 weeks of your appointment unless supervised by your practitioner. 
  • No waxing or electrolysis for 7 days prior to your appointment 
  • There must be at least a 2-week gap between treatment and Injectables including Fillers, Muscle inhibitors and Derma needling treatments. 
  • Steroid creams, topical antibiotics and the use of Roaccutane will prevent treatment  
  • Please advise us of any medical changes at each appointment including pregnancy and breast feeding


  • Ensure a minimum SPF 30 is worn daily whatever the weather conditions 
  • Avoid perfumed products on the face for 24 hours  
  • Avoid Heat treatment including UV rays, Saunas, Steams etc for 48 hours after treatment  
  • Avoid Alpha hydroxy acids, beta hydroxy acids, benzoyl peroxide, retinoids and other potentially irritating products for 7 days or until the skin has fully healed. 
  • Don’t panic! Redness, stinging, itching, tightness, mild swelling, flaking, and peeling are all normal reactions following any sort of microdermabrasion treatment. The severity of these responses varies for each individual. 
  • Avoid direct sun exposure for at least 7 to 10 days following treatment to allow your skin to fully heal 
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and consequent sweating until the skin has completely healed. usually 48 hours.
  • Hydrate the skin well  
  • Avoid chemical peel, Microdermabrasion, IPL Hair removal including waxing and Laser treatments for a minimum of 2 weeks after treatment or until the skin has fully recovered. 
  • Avoid make up for 12 hours, mineral make up is recommended.
  • Avoid Alcohol or vigorous exercise for 48 hours
  • Bruising may take place, especially after injectable treatments ( Profhilo/ Jalupro) arnica can be helpful to reduce this.
  • Report any redness, tenderness, swelling or worsening after 3 days.

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